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LIVEPLAY - Coldplay

Liveplay is the leader tribute band to Coldplay in Europe, with a tour of over 300 concerts around Italy, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Croatia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Malta and Macedonia. Besides the extremely faithfulness to the sounds and to the original 4 roles (all band members are multi-instrumentalists), Liveplay’s feature is the ability to involve the audience emotionally and scenically: synchronized video projections and graphics, original clothes and scenography, same instruments and decorations, repertoire updated to the last hit, footbridge, secondary stage and overwhelming special effects (confetti, flames, laser show, fireworks, led wall and hologram led, bracelets for the audience).

Working with a qualified technical staff, Liveplay (after Coldplay, the first band ever  performing live the entire last albums: "Ghost Stories", "A Head Full Of Dreams", "Kaleidoscope EP", "Global Citizen EP”) engage concerts with the utmost details and as closely as possible with the great Coldplay live performances.

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